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ILI Group operates across the energy storage, renewable energy and residential development markets; creating value for our investors in all three sectors.

‘Intelligent Land Investments’ was formed in 2004 with the aim of helping resolve the UK’s housing crisis by promoting eco-friendly developments where the housing need is the greatest.

The experience and expertise gained in site selection and planning was later put to use with the aim of helping reduce CO2 emissions by focusing on creating planning gain from renewable energy projects.

Projects ranged from medium sized, single turbine developments under the UK’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, right up to large scale multi-turbine windfarms.  That project saw 600 landowners sign up with the company, creating a unique network of land owners throughout Scotland.

160 of the most suitable sites were progressed, resulting in 96 successful planning approvals.


In 2017 ILI Group Plc was formed with the express aim of achieving planning consents for three Pumped Storage Hydro Sites (PSH) in Scotland.  Each one is an infrastructure project of national significance with a total combined storage capacity of 3GW, or greater.

Suitable sites for the PSH projects were screened and selected from a list of over 130.  Of these, 13 were identified as having high potential worthy of further stringent assessment. The very best 3 sites brought forward were those which meet our strict criteria, had the best natural topography, and met our high technical standards.

Due to ILI Group’s knowledge of the UK grid, they are presently bringing a 1.5GW pipeline of utility scale battery storage to development. This route can be significantly scaled.



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