About us

Our residential arm Intelligent Land Investments was formed in 2004 and currently has a number of strategic residential projects at different stages of the planning process.


Our renewable energy arm was incorporated in 2009 to utilise the expertise of ILI’s team in site selection and planning with a focus on creating planning gain from renewable energy projects.

 These range from large scale wind farms down to the single medium sized wind turbines which benefit from the UK’s Feed-in Tariff. Over the duration of the project we signed up 600 sites, creating a unique network of land owners throughout Scotland. 160 sites were progressed for potential development resulting in 96 successful planning approvals. In recognition of our success ILI (Renewable Energy) were finalists in both the 2014 and 2015 Scottish Renewables Energy Awards.


How do we work

The Company plan to promote and achieve planning consents for three 400MW Pumped Storage Hydro Sites (PSH) and several Residential Site developments in Scotland.


The Company has sourced suitable sites for the PSH projects from an initial list of seventy-nine possible sites.

Of these, thirteen were identified as having high potential.


The Company then short-listed three potential PSH Sites which the Directors believe are excellent sites which meet the Company's stringent criteria and are being progressed to the planning stage.

These sites were moved onto the consultation stage and all were identified as having high potential for development. One site has now been through the scoping stage of the planning application with no issues and will be submitted for full planning in the Q4, 2018.


Sites 2 & 3 are now both at the scoping stage and with should no issues arise be submitted for full planning in 2019.


The Directors and advisors of the Company have reviewed many potential Residential Sites in Scotland and will look to promote and achieve planning consent for at least nine major sites after securing each of them by way of an option to purchase, three of which are currently in planning.


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